Easy TOFU and CURRY Recipe

Tofu and Curry with mushroom, broccoli and coconut cream. An easy, healthy and delicious Tofu and Curry Recipe. Simple Ingredients 350 grams Tofu300 grams Broccoli250 grams mushroom1 Medium size Zucchini1 Medium size Onion1 tbsp curry powder1 tbsp vegetable powder1 cup coconut milk2 tbsp olive oil


Health Benefits of CURRY POWDER

Introducing the Amazing Health Benefits of CURRY POWDER. #Curry #Health #Food #CurryRecipe Here are the amazing health benefits of curry powder. 1. Anti-inflammatory properties 2. May improve heart health 3. May have anticancer effects 4. Powerful antioxidants 5. Help lower blood sugar levels. 6. May improve brain health. 7. May improve feelings of fullness. 8.… Continue reading Health Benefits of CURRY POWDER


BUCKWHEAT WRAP, your Super Food

Buckwheat your best and healthy food alternative. How to prepare and cook Buckwheat Wrap PreparationSoak on water 400 grams of Buckwheat for 6 -12 hoursRinse thoroughly on a cold waterPut on a bowl together with equal amount of waterBlend and mix until it forms like a batter CookingPrepare Hot pan on a medium heatPut batter… Continue reading BUCKWHEAT WRAP, your Super Food

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BUCKWHEAT your great and healthy food alternative.

If you are a vegetarian or want to take your health to another level and looking for an alternative source of energy, BUCKWHEAT is the perfect food for you. It has a lot of nutritional and health benefits especially if you are suffering or prone to heart disease, if you are on a pre menopausal… Continue reading BUCKWHEAT your great and healthy food alternative.