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Photo by Ian Panelo from Pexels

Are you AFRAID? With what is happening in our world right now, you should be. Why?. Because even the strongest and wealthiest countries of this century are clueless on how to handle this new plague brought by the ONE powerful than us. Every country are all defenseless on the direct strike of this disease and the only action that we can do is to run from it. Humanity seems caught unprepared despite the fact that we are known to be the creatures who knew everything. From science to technology, from space to physics and everything which the human brain can process. But the truth is, we are all powerless when the ONE decided to test humanity.

Been years that leaders of this place called the world were just focusing on their egos and the power that they gained as leaders of his/her country. They are more focused on the aspects of how their country overpower the other and how their people be greater than the others. None of them would prioritize building up the harmony of all the creations created to be one with the ONE.

Paradoxically, despite the humanity’s aim to be great, there are always some things that hinder us to move forward. We can read it in the history of SCIENCE and RELIGION. It was a long-standing struggle that we are just going round and round. It seems an endless journey to nowhere, and endless discoveries of things not for the glory of the ONE but for the glory of WORLD.

You know why I am AFRAID?. I am not afraid of what the ONE will do next to humanity. It could be bigger than this or even an end to all of it. I am AFRAID because humanity may not able to find ways on HOW to HANDLE our WORLD the way the ONE wants it to be.

Have you ever thought of LOVING instead of HURTING. The song and lyrics of Black Eyed suddenly came into my mind. “People killin’ people dyin’ Children hurtin’, I hear them cryin’ Can you practice what you preachin’?
Would you turn the other cheek again? Mama, mama, mama, tell us what the hell is goin’ on Can’t we all just get along? Father, father, father help us
Send some guidance from above’Cause people got me, got me
Questioning (Where’s the love)”.

My co humanity, this is not just a VIRUS came from nowhere, it is a WARNING from the ONE. We need to do something better than what we are doing right now. Start from the small beginning, FORGIVE especially if he/she is your brother. LOVE especially those who are unlovable and lastly get on your KNEES and BOW DOWN.





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