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Are you still in love with your ex?

When it comes to discussions, love is the most interesting topic to talk about because it is the most beautiful and most precious gift that God has ever gave us. Because of love, you became happier and your world became more colorful. Even in the most difficult situations, you still able to smile and endure the pains because of love. Thankfully, God has not only given us a single chance to be in love but twice or even more than 10 times as long as you know the process of love and moving on.

Finding love is not difficult, it is just like being in the transport station waiting for the right bus to pick you up and bring you to your destination. Others are patiently waiting for the right bus to arrive while others are taking a connecting bus to bring them to the next station. There is no guarantee that your journey will be smooth, there could be a possibility of an engine failure or other unexpected circumstances forcing you to wait again and/or be transferred to another bus.

Earlier I have mentioned about the process of love and moving on. It starts with choosing to love, then a possibility of heartaches, followed by forgiveness and finally moving on. “If you don’t get hurt with betrayal and unfaithfulness it only means you are not in love”. In this process, you can choose to be in love with the same person or choose to find another person to love. If you choose to love again it only means one thing, there will be an ex or exes in your life (ex-husband/wife, ex-boyfriend/girlfriend). But before going to another relationship, you should reach the stage of moving on or else there will be serious consequences on your new relationship. This is the reason why I asked if          “you are still in love with your ex“.

7 Signs that you are still in love with your ex.

She/He is always in your dreams. Dreams are a product of our subconscious mind. If He/she is always in your dreams especially if it’s all about your relationship with him/or her it only means that he/she is still alive in your heart and mind.

You are not yet open to another relationship. You are not yet open or ready to take another ride because probably you are hoping that there is a chance of a second chance in your relationship.

You are in a new relationship but you kept on comparing him/her to your ex. One of the processes of moving on is to forget everything about him/her especially his/her romantic relationship with you. There should be no room of comparison with your new boyfriend/girlfriend and if there is, it should not affect your feelings towards him/her. Allow love to grow more in your new relationship by not allowing your exes shadow to take over your relationship with the new.

You are not as happy as before. As I said, Love brings more happiness to a person and if you are not as happy as before, this only means that you are not in love with your new boyfriend/girlfriend.

You are on a regular visit to his/her social account. It is not unusual to befriend your ex, however, constantly checking his Social accounts, knowing what he/she recently doing in life, kept on updating your self with his/her status, who is he’s/she’s with, etc. etc…is an obvious sign that you are still in love with him/her.

You find ways to connect with him/her or his/her friends and relatives. Ex’s do not often have a close connection after a break up because there is already a gap that is taking over between them. It will take a lot of time to be casual with each and finding ways to connect on him/her is a sign that you want to be part of your life again or maybe you are still in love.

Most obvious is if you are still crying each time you remember him/her. You have the moment to love and realize that he/she is already out of your life. There is no ideal time to moving on, it can be weeks, months or even years and if you are still crying each time you remember him/her, it means you are still in love with him/her.

Given the 7 signs, it is important for everyone who is looking for another love to know how to move on from the restraint of the previous relationship. Taking this step will give you more chances to be happy and be truly in love again. Remember, your decision to LOVE is a beautiful journey of life.