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How to build Self CONFIDENCE

Self-Confidence is necessary in taking the journey of life. It will keep you motivated to be able to succeed in this too judgmental society. Building self- confidence can be a long process depending on your determination, will power, environment, the people around you and the life experiences you been through.

How to build self-confidence

Know and Accept who you are. Knowing and accepting who you are is essential to building self-confidence. To know yourself is to determine your strengths and flaws, your wants and needs, your hopes and dreams. Accepting who you are especially your flaws and all your weaknesses, is also a way to build self-confidence.

Have a positive outlook in life. Positivity is a sure way to gain or build self-confidence. Be with positive people who can guide and help you especially during difficult times and uncertainties to boost your morale and self-confidence. Avoid people who are always thinking and talking negative things, behaving badly, influencing you to do bad things and putting you into trouble.

Educate yourself. Being knowledgeable, or even mastering a skill can help build your self-confidence. Education is a pathway to success, and it opens the door to self-confidence. Knowing things is a good way towards building a fortune as well as your self-confidence.

Avoid comparing yourself to others. Every person is unique so it only means that you cannot be like someone else. Their failures or achievements cannot be the same as your failures or achievements. So stop comparing yourself to others and start being original. Being original only means that you take credits to all your achievements in life.

Learn from yesterday, enjoy today and plan for tomorrow. There’s no better way to build or gain self-confidence than learning from experiences, be challenged on what had happened and be expectant to what the future holds. Remember, “life is a continuous learning experience so grab the opportunity to learn and do the right things today to have a better yesterday because regretting things from yesterday can take a toll on your tomorrow

Learn to control your emotions. Your emotions dictate how you react to certain situations. Too much anger or sadness can bring you down. Too much happiness or excitement can make you overly confident. A well-composed attitude will free you from any nervousness or lack of confidence.

Socialize. Being around with all kinds of people will create dynamics in your personality. It will help you be comfortable with your own skin. Socializing will develop your social skills like communicating, problem-solving, understanding/recognizing other points of view and your confidence.

Take care or improve your image. Your image is everything. Take care of your skin, improve body odor ( use deodorant and perfume), get a regular hair cut, have a balanced diet containing fresh vegetables and fruit, regular or enough exercise, a clean clothing (not necessary designers quality), oral hygiene( keep teeth clean, visit the dentist, use a mouth wash). These are some ways to improve your image which can help to improve your confidence.

SELF CONFIDENCE is instrumental in taking your Journey towards LIVING, LOVING, and LEARNING. Start building your SELF-CONFIDENCE today for a better tomorrow.