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Mary said, “Behold, I am the handmaid of the Lord. May it be done to me according to your word.”

Photo by JUAN CARLOS LEVA from Pexels

Just like Mary, your role as a mother started when you decided to carry God’s creation in your womb. The decision to have a baby served your purpose as a woman. You are the perfect instrument of God’s miracle to humankind. I honor and respect your commitment, strength, love, patience, wisdom, gentleness and faithfulness as a mother.

For nine long months, you shared everything with me because I am literally connected to you. You even put me as your first priority before yourself because I am important to you. Your COMMITMENT in taking care of me is exemplary. Those nine months were the most secure moment of my life yet your most uncomfortable period because of the physiological changes happening in your body. Because of me, there was a dramatic change in your hormones causing an emotional roller coaster ride.

Do you still remember the moment when I decided to have my birthday?. Oh yes, I know you endured the pain of labor mixed with lots of emotions going on in you. You kept your STRENGTH intact so I can see the world alive and kicking.

I was already out in the world, I needed constant attention and you gave it all to me so I can have the foundation to grow emotionally, physically and intellectually. Even if we are not connected anymore, I can still feel the life coming from you because of your LOVE.

I was too demanding, stubborn, lazy at times and even disrespectful but your PATIENCE helped me grow as a mature and responsible individual. You kept on teaching me virtues in life even if at times I seem to disregard your voice and commands. You have mountains of PATIENCE over me because you love and care for me.

Your WISDOM as a mother is as large as the ocean. You seem to know everything even if you don’t know how?. Your womanhood is identical to wisdom. It is a natural gift given to you so you can take care and lead a human being to eminence.

Your GENTLE heart warms my soul and my being. It gave me JOY in my heart every time I feel your gentle presence. The gentle embrace of your arms comforts me and gives me a sense of security in life. Your gentle voice gives me a calm mind so I can see the world at peace.

You as a woman and as my mother taught me to be FAITHFUL because you are FAITHFUL. You are faithful to my father, my siblings, to me and of most of all to GOD.

Dear MOTHER, I honor you not only because of what you have done to me but also because of your decision of having me. “Your love is like the sun that lights up my whole world, I feel the warm inside”.

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