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Relationship Matter: Community

A community group plays an important role in the formation of a family and its members. If the family is the basic unit of the society, the community is the venue that supports the family. It amplifies the way of life of a family or an individual in regards to relationship, recreation, work, and service. It helps children and youth develop healthy behaviors and promote healthy families.  Being involved in a community group is an advantage to do good in life. It is the place where you can find good friends, good people, be connected and be updated. It helps develop member’s talents and skills, it also creates social and religious awareness. However, the community can also destroy an individual ( emotionally and spiritually) or the family relationship if leaders and/or members are not living up to the mission and vision of the community group.

A community group is defined as a type of group or organization that is created and operates for a specific purpose or to provide a specific service in a community for the public benefit of the members of the community. Every member/individual in the community has his/her own role to accomplish for the community to flourish.

For the community and family to flourish, LOVE in SERVICE is essential.

LIFE-GIVING. Always put in your hearts and minds that your service in the community should be the source of inspiration among members. Do not allow negativity to overpower your thoughts, actions, and words.

OUTSTANDING. Our God is a God of order. He created the universe in perfect order. Always set your service geared towards excellence to have outstanding results. Do not allow doubt or lack of confidence to paralyze the works of God.

VIBRANT. Serving the people of God and the community is not easy. You may experience challenges along the way but a joyful and vibrant heart will renew your strength.

EXTRAVAGANT. Do not limit yourself from using your full potentials. Be generous with your Time, Treasure and Talent and always be humbled by your actions and words.

            “Expression of Love and Care is the secret of a Joyful Community”

Lovingly serving each other will nurture your life and soul. It will allow a positive outcome in your personal and family life. Relationship-wise, people will have a good vibes of you if you treat them with love and respect. Not only that you and your family will have a better way of community life but will have a harmonious relationship with each other as well. “The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members.” – Coretta Scott King. …



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