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Relationship Matter:FAMILY

We are ONE in LOVE and in FAITH

Family is a gift. It is the community in which, from childhood, one can learn moral values, begin to honor God and make good use of time and freedom. It is where love, respect, commitment sprung up and flourished. It is the basic unit of society consist of parents or a parent and siblings. Parents teach their children with values and faith while the children learn and obey. It is a coexistent which is perfectly designed by God.

Although lots of families are now suffering from brokenness caused by countless problems such as incest, absent father or mother figure, lack of communication, divorce, domestic violence, materialism, lack of religious belief, financial issues, social issues and so much more. These problems are continuously deteriorating the core of family values affecting the society in general.

Many among us could be suffering from family troubles and wanted the freedom to experience a family life full of JOY, HOPE, and LOVE.

In some ways, God will not allow it to happen. God created family thus He is the answer to all these problems. Families can be saved; it is up to you and the people around you to make the best of it. It is up to you to stand up to make a change. Family problems or issues are just a test to see if you can work together and love one another.

Love, respect, and commitment should be instilled but you cannot do it alone. Include God and each other to make it work. It will not happen if you will not make a move. Go for it.

You can make it happen. You are the answer to the question of HOW?. How to make it work? How to make it as beautiful as originally designed by God. How to save the family and society from social problems?. How to save yourself from loneliness and being alone?. How to not live in anger and fear?. How can you make it happen?.

Some BASIC ADVISE to have a better FAMILY LIFE.

Family Time is valuable.

Recognize the Importance of VALUES, TIME AND FAITH.

Family is not a one-man show. It is not only you as a FATHER who is working so hard to make ends meet. It is not only you as a MOTHER who is working so hard to make the home tidy and neat. It is not only about you as a CHILD who needs love and care to be a better person. Family is a group of people sharing VALUES, beliefs, and traditions. It is filled with so many characters made to make it more interesting. It can be chaos at times when parents are pre-occupied with other obligations aside from being a parent to their children or vise Versa. In this situation, make very good use of the words THANK YOU, SORRY and I LOVE YOU. Say it as often as you can. If you are not used to say it with family members, you better start doing it. It is the most BASIC, most IMPORTANT gesture or words to say to a FAMILY member especially when you are HAPPY, DISAPPOINTED and LOVED.

Allow POSITIVE and good VIBES in the FAMILY. Do not invite the negative influences of society to take over your family life. Do not allow vices, addictions, hatred, jealousy and so many other influences be near your family. From the book of 1 John 5:19 “We know that we originate with God, but the whole world is lying in the power of the wicked one”. Invite Christ in your FAMILY LIFE, do not the power of the evil take over your family.

Make your time valuable and memorable. Lots of families nowadays have no time together in play due to busy schedules. It became exhausting or even impossible to do it at the same time. One time I heard from one speaker in our community who is talking about family time he said,Your work position can be easily replaced by someone more capable but no one can replace you as a parent to your children”. Do not love your work more than your family. I know every parents love to see their kids having everything they need. It is not bad however, give just what is enough, don’t go overboard on it. All these will be worthless if it takes a toll on your family relationship. A simple and inexpensive way to spend quality time is to play a board game.

These simple board games has been on our side especially during those troubled time. It bonded us and able to make up for the lost times. To Rummikub and Snakes and Ladders, I am giving you honor and recognition as the best family binder ever :).

Instill FAITH. Prayer is the best answer to fear and hopelessness. It is the “only family wealth that no one could ever take“. It is the divine force that overpowers all the bad elements of this world. “The family that prays together stays forever”. I am a member of Couples For Christ and my kids belong to the Kids for Christ Ministry. Since then, God has blessed us with the grace of Faith by doing the Family Prayer Household. We do it every Wednesday night. We make it a point that these are our family time with God, so no other schedules should hinder our time with Him. How we do it.?

7 STEPS to enjoy the presence of God.

1st Step: Have a Dinner Together. The best way to having dinner is to spend it with the Family.

2nd Step: Watch or Read a Bible Story. In our case, they are still Kids so we watch Short Bible Stories on YouTube.

3rd Step: Reflect. Give each member to reflect on what has been read or watched. Beautifully use your heart and mind, Reflect on God’s words.

4th Step: Sing Praise and Worship Songs: Sing and play with musical instruments like guitar or piano or if not sing together with a music video on Youtube.

5th Step: Prayer of Adoration Thanksgiving and Supplication. Give each family member to say his/her prayer of Praises, Thanksgiving and Supplication one at a time.

6th Step: Closing Prayer: Close your prayer by offering your prayer to the Father, Jesus Christ, together with Mary and the Holy Spirit. Saying, Glory be to the Father to the Son and to the Holy Spirit.

7th Step: Play or Movie Time: You can choose between play or movie to whichever is the decision of the Family. Add some snacks to make it more interesting or a surprise item as a prize for a good job at work or in school.

Let Go and Let God. Heartaches and disappointments are very common in the family. To maintain a good, happy relationship is not an easy job. All we have to keep in mind is “Family is Family”, we share one name and DNA, we should be together through thick and thins, in bad and in good times. Do not allow negative feelings to stay in your heart, Let go of your heartaches and Let God do the work for your healing.

Yearn for VALUE more than FAME. Yearn for LOVE more than POWER. Yearn for JOY more than SUCCESS. Yearn for UNITY and LOYALTY in FAMILY more than FORTUNE in your CAREER. Yearn for SACRIFICES for FAMILY more than FREEDOM to SIN. YEARN for everything good for your FAMILY.

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