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CHRISTMAS Spirit and the HERO in You

Christmas is fast approaching many are busy preparing to buy Christmas gifts, probably planning to have a Christmas dinner with family and friends or looking forward to have a Christmas vacation out of the country. Some are already busy decorating their homes with Christmas trees together with lots of Christmas ornaments. Others are already buying new winter clothes for Christmas parties and dinners. Kitchens are being filled with foods and goods to be used for baking and Christmas menus. Christmas preparation has become a tradition to all Christians because it is the birthday celebration of JESUS CHRIST. To other non-Christian, it is a happy holiday, celebrating the season of joy and love. Kids and old alike were excited to celebrate but is this the best way to prepare for Christmas?


In your childhood, Christmas could be your best day of the year because of the gifts received from loved ones. Receiving lots of super marvel and DC superhero toys brought you to a higher level of imagination, thinking that you have a superpower like them. Now you are a grown-up yet you still have this childish dream of becoming like SUPERMAN, a man of steel who can fly or WONDER WOMAN with superhuman strength and increase empathy to be able to help those people in need and in distress.

On this Christmas season, your dream may come true to unleash the HERO in you not by having superpowers but an opportunity to share the Christmas Spirit. HOW?


Volunteering and using your precious time to a pre-Christmas or Christmas events in your church, school or community is one way to help. If you have talent or skills you may find a hospital with programs entertaining those sick and confined. If there are gift-giving programs in your community, volunteer in sharing your time, or even your resources to give to those less fortunate. Volunteer to homeless centers or feeding program centers. If you are a medical professional, volunteer for a medical mission or tutoring if you are a teacher.


Prepare your own box for donations. Start sorting out your clothes and shoes or other personal stuff which were never been used and will never be used. If you are on a budget, give enough financial donation that can feed one person for a day or even a week if you prefer.


Buy a homeless person a lunch, share or give your bus seat to the elderly, bring sweet treats to the office, compliment people, be polite with your words and actions, donate your long hair to someone with cancer, donate Christmas gifts to charity, do not litter, give stuffs for free, help someone struggling with heavy bag, help elderly neighbor take out the trash, feed street cats, hold the door for someone, run or walk for a cause, share your umbrella on rainy days and a lot more. In all the things you do just simply smile and be kind in all situations.


Think saving your extra not for future expenses but for something that may help save or improve lives. There are so many charitable institutions or organizations around the globe to extend your help and I am sure there is one in your community. I am a member of Couples for Christ in which one of its pillars is the ANCOP or Answering the Cry of the Poor.

With the support of its members, private companies and private individuals, the organization can serve its main mission i.e. to provide scholarship on students, shelter the homeless and humanitarian relief.


Prayer is the most powerful tool to use at all times and situations. Pray for those who need prayer especially those under privilege, the poor and the oppressed. Pray for those sick, in pain, tormented, abandoned, maltreated and abused. Pray for the elderly who suffers from deep loneliness due to the neglect of family members. Pray for those countries and its people in conflict of war, 3rd world countries who’s people are dying of hunger. Pray whenever you feel like praying especially if it is intended for the good of others.

Be a hero today and share the Christmas Spirit. You may not have super strength but you may have money to share or you may not have money to share but you have a strength to help. Any small deeds, good and gracious act will bring out the hero in you.

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