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Earth is getting old and by the passing years, we can feel the signs. According to the experts, our mother earth is already almost over 4.5 billion years old. In her Giga annum existence, she already endured a lot of asteroids impact which changes not only her landscape but as well as her history. She already showed a lot of spectacular natural occurring events like earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunami, landslides, floods, tropical cyclones, tornadoes, droughts, thunderstorms, and lightning. Co inside with all of these events is our existence and relationship to mother earth. Humanity has a long-standing relationship with her.

As human beings, we are highly dependent on mother earth’s energy in the form of the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat, and all of the wonders of nature which are keeping us alive. Humanity also endure a lot of wrath from her in the form of natural phenomenon and disasters over the years.  Human history showed how environmental conditions have promoted or retarded human development.

The reality is, earth together with humanity is in trouble. According to most scientists, both the human race and the earth are under urgent threat from loss of earth’s natural life because of humanity’s misuse of its resources.



It describes changes in the state of the atmosphere over time scales ranging from decades to millions of years. These changes can be caused by processes inside the earth forces from outside (e.g. variations in sunlight intensity) or, more recently, human activities. (Wikipedia). Climate change draws a lot of concerns from the United Nations.

Today’s species losses are caused by the destruction and fragmentation of habitats, direct exploitation of natural resources, chemical pollution which all are caused by direct and indirect human activities.


Humanity is not really concern about the preservation of mother earth but focuses more on industrial development and technological advancement. Developed countries evidently cause environmental issues such as air pollution, water scarcity, biodiversity loss, raw material, and energy depletion. Not only that these problems are making a bad impact on nature but also cause sickness and shortened human life span. Production and development of weapons for mass destruction is also a big threat not only to the peace and order of the world but also to the balance and protection of ecology. These countries and their leaders responsible for such activities should be ashamed of themselves and be punished by law.

Climate change and extinction of several species are just some of the serious signs that humanity and mother nature is in trouble. Remember the movie Wall E? The science fiction movie about the machine responsible for cleaning a waste-covered Earth, met another robot and falls in love with her. Together, they set out a journey that altered the fate of mankind. Very interesting and entertaining yet it shows the ugliness of what the future will become. The human race has the capabilities to destroy itself and nature but thankfully, the United Nations Organization is working hard to protect our existence. Other nations and leaders are coming together to spread awareness to the causes, effects, and solutions to this big problem but evidently, not everyone is interested and/or politically manipulated. These issues that I have presented is a real threat, but WHO REALLY CARES? DO YOU?.

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