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Everyone has his/her own story to tell. Beautiful, unique stories to inspire, give lessons and wisdom in facing the reality of living. The reality, that we are a mortal being highly dependent on God’s plan and His works. Some stories have started and others already have ended. Each phase of our life stories tells about living, loving, hurting, healing and learning.

Let me tell you a story of a woman who is presently traveling on the path to healing. Her story started last January of this year when she was diagnosed with a debilitating illness called CANCER.

Her name is Leah, a 50 years old mother of two lovely kids. A mother of strength who single-handedly raised her kids to young adulthood. Sure she has some talents, dreams to pursue yet she did not get a fair share of what she deserves because of poverty.

She was diagnosed with stage 4 ENDOMETRIAL CANCER. Aside from this, she has no means to support all her medical expenses to go into the process of treating her illness through surgery, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy. She’s just a simple citizen who earns a living by selling rice cake in her small town. With the help of private individuals, family members and charity institutions like PCSO, DSWD, she was able to raise funds to start her treatment. She already finished the 6 strong sessions of chemotherapy and like any other, she endured the pain and effects of chemotherapy such as constant vomiting, loss of appetite to loss of hair. She will now start the radiotherapy treatment.

I know, her story is not extraordinary. There are a lot of people who are going through the same process and even others have a more difficult experience than her. I am telling you her simple story to remind you that everyone is vulnerable to illnesses even if you are young and indestructible. It is given that someday, in our old age, we are going to be sick and perhaps will find a way to be cured.

Let me enlighten you, you could be physically healthy right now but your spirit might be suffering. You might be SPIRITUALLY ILL burdened by sins, hatred, resentments, jealousy or insecurity. To tell you the truth, healing from our physical illnesses is just secondary to the healing of our spirit. Most of us disregard the importance of the daily dose of prayer, one basic way to treat spiritual illness. Busy with the life of this modern world, some do not practice religious traditions anymore. A spiritual illness affects us physically, but to cure it, we may need to work on our spiritual health. From a spiritual point of view, illness comes from an imbalance in our lives. It can often be a result of unhealthy beliefs we have picked up about the world, ourselves and other people.

I encourage you to dig deeper and see the importance of Faith in God and take the journey towards spiritual healing.

Leah is a faithful servant of God and she already took her journey to spiritual healing beforehand. She was spiritually healed before her story end. She is already joyful whatever the result of her journey on physical healing will be. It is just a consolation to her seeing the rainbows of days or years to come. Faith in God gives her the strength to endure the pain and suffering of her illness. By the way, Leah still needs your prayer and financial support to continue on radiotherapy. For sure some of you can give and generous enough to share. You can contact her through her facebook account

My dear brethren, start your Journey to Spiritual Healing NOW and BELIEVE that if we are spiritually healthy, we will stand still ’till the end of time.

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