Live to LEARN


Are you in trouble with your finances due to debts and financial mismanagement? Are you presently broke due to a failed business start-up?. Were you paralyzed in handling your finances due to health problem or are you just clueless on your financial situation?.

If you are one among these people that I have mentioned, all you have to do right now is to sit down, take a deep breath, relax, free up your mind from worries and stresses of today’s event and join me in discovering your road towards financial freedom.

7 Ways to Recover from Financial Problems


Live within your means. Adjust your lifestyle according to your earnings. Do not be a one-day millionaire kind of a person, “a day of feast and a year of drought”. Spend your money wisely.

Do not go overboard with your dreams. Yes I know, your dreams are the source of your happiness whether it is about your career, physical attributes, talents or your future but, recklessly spending too much of your money or even savings just to fulfill it will only lead to disappointments.

Surround yourself with right and simple people. Staying close to the right people during the time of recovery will make your journey easier. Look for people who can guide and help you recover like those real friends who are with you through thick and thin. Stay away from people who spend so much money on social pleasures and unnecessary celebrations.


There’s no better way to recover from a financial problem but to work hard and earn extra. Continue to work and make no time for lazy days and unnecessary rest time. Keep motivated by knowing that the more you work the more financial returns there will be. Learn to earn extra by taking some extra jobs when there are opportunities and time. There is no reason to say no if the opportunity knocks.


Be like ants, they work together during sunny days because they know they need to prepare for the big rain. What I mean is, prepare and do not do it alone, if you have a family, get them involve on how to prepare for future expenses by encouraging them to share in paying bills and other needed expenses when necessary. It is not their duty to do so but an obligation as a family member.


It is always a good idea to continue learning things especially if it is connected to how to properly manage your finances. There’s a lot of books or references regarding this subject. You can also find a lot of channels on youtube discussing handling business and finance. Just don’t chew it all together, it might lead you to more confusion and stress ;).


Do not allow “money to be your boss, be the boss of your money”. I am talking about compulsive buying. Not because you have an extra in your pocket, you will buy things even not necessary. You might end up stocking a lot of unimportant things in the house or just having a fancy object which has no practical use in your life. Remember in this kind of situation, you just need to buy important things and basic needs.

6. REST.

If you feel sick or already have health issues, take time to rest. Our body needs fine-tuning and recovery all the time. Enough sleep will do the work if you have no time to rest during the day. If you continue working without rest, you might not be able to reach the finish line.


“Have Faith in Fate”. If you have done the 6 ways of recovering from your financial problems, all you need to do is to do the 7th, Believe that God will give you an answer to your problem.  Do not disregard the power of prayer. Everything belongs to HIM, just ask for mercy and blessings.

As they say, money changes everything and all those good or bad things are just by-products of your capabilities in properly handling your finances. Be patient, stand still, do your homework to recover your financial losses.


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